Things I wish to start doing

My to-do list:

So, I know April is almost over, but I am going to get a head start on planning big things for May.

I want to start making a “Goal List.” This is going to entail writing down things I would like to accomplish for each month. Things like finishing a book, walking a mile, stop hitting snooze so many times, and making the bed everyday for starters. As time goes on, my list will get more intense – maybe even with some of your suggestions! I think it will be a nice idea to physically see what I need to do right in front of me. It’s also a great feeling when you can cross finished things off a list! 😉
I think I will start posting these on the last day of every month for the following month. Yay, I’m so excited!

I also really want to dedicate more time to my blog. I need a hobby, an interest outside of work and relationships. I did have a Tumblr, but at the time I was just lacking motivation to keep it going. It just wasn’t what I was looking for-(nothing against Tumblr!) Maybe this time around I’ll do it the right way?

Stay tuned for May’s Goal List! 🙂


Keeping Healthy Snacks on Hand

Snacking clean.

People have a tendency to eat when they’re bored, and the easiest thing to munch on are those things that are easiest to grab-and-go, such as chips and cookies. Now, if you’re serious about eating healthier, you’ll try to limit junk food in your home.

Of course we eat chips and I bake cookies. However the trick is to bring in an abundance of easy-to-snack-on fruits. For example, we drove to Whole Foods this weekend and brought home some bananas, mandarines, celery, grapes, etc. So guess what we’ve been eating (in addition to the cookies I just made)? It’s such an easy solution to watching what you eat!




Also, if you’re interested, consider getting something like this to wash your fruits and veggies. It’s a neat alternative, and it makes me feel better to use this in addition to my yucky city water, which I try to avoid using as much as possible.


Eat clean, eat smart, eat healthy! 🙂

Current motivation

9 months = -30 lbs.

Since moving to the city in August of 2012, I’ve lost 30 pounds. And surprisingly, it’s just from eating right. “Right,” meaning healthier, more non-processed foods in smaller portions. I didn’t do any kind of dieting or avoiding any food groups. I just wanted to start eating better, and I did just that. And I’m not saying it will work for everyone, but being more conscious about what I was taking into my body helped me out a ton.
I also didn’t make the mistake of weighing myself everyday; and actually, we don’t even own a scale in my apartment. I happened to weigh myself when I visited my parents recently. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised to know that people weren’t faking it when they said, “Oh my, you’re just melting away!”

This weight loss is also without the gym. Now that I’m pretty much at a stand-still… I need to get to the gym to keep this up.

I already feel so much better about myself. T-shirts that were unwearable last summer are actually looking pretty decent on me. I’m excited to see how much further I can push my body.

Organically Healthy

Organic Foods.

I just want to get this topic out there right at the beginning of my blog.  I know at some point this may cause a disruption among people, but I hope that the majority of my followers opt for a healthier lifestyle.

Now, I know there are some major skeptics out there who say that there is nothing wrong with the food that is available to us now and that those who eat organically are the modern hippies of the world. Well, I think if that person would take the time to research what exactly is in their conventially-processed foods, they’d get the heebie-jeebies. At least, I’d hope they would.

Organically grown foods are healthier. They are is closer to what nature intended for our bodies to ingest. Less life is less harmed with organics. Take tomatoes for example; By not putting those harsh chemicals/pesticides on them, you allow the plant to flourish naturally. At the same time, you will not harm any animals that may come to feed on them, while still maintaining a healthy product for humans to eat. Tastier, too! The same goes for chickens and cows. Not pumping our meat full of steroids, we are able to take in the natural nutrients that is intended. I’ve even found some news articles to help prove that point from the Huffington Post and NBC News. You’ll see, especially in the HuffPost one, that processed foods is a whole other topic. You should never eat anything that is incredibly over-processed. I’ll go into that at another time though, along with the topic of buying locally.

Well, I feel like I’ll be addressing this again at some point. Thanks loves!

Want to know a little more about organic food? Here’s a nice article from Mayo Clinic.