Protein Smoothies

Smoothie time!

Okay, so these smoothies are wonderful. This is the basic recipe we use all the time, and we have these for lunch at least 3 times per week. It keeps you full for a while!
-Every once in a while, when we’re out of vanilla protein powder, we usually have chocolate on hand and turn them into a chocolate shake.

Side note: I LOVE my Ninja! It was a birthday present for me last year, and it comes in use all the time. Especially with these single serve cups. Just fantastic! 🙂


  • Frozen fruit of your choice – We like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and occasionally blackberries – Also bananas, sometimes frozen and other times not
  • Milk – choose from Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, or just regular 2%
  • Yogurt – we try to keep it basic with Vanilla yogurt, but feel free to mix it up
  • Powders – try a scoop of protein, Maca, and any other supplement you may choose


  • Place ingredients in cup/blender. Blend well. Enjoy! 🙂








Keeping Healthy Snacks on Hand

Snacking clean.

People have a tendency to eat when they’re bored, and the easiest thing to munch on are those things that are easiest to grab-and-go, such as chips and cookies. Now, if you’re serious about eating healthier, you’ll try to limit junk food in your home.

Of course we eat chips and I bake cookies. However the trick is to bring in an abundance of easy-to-snack-on fruits. For example, we drove to Whole Foods this weekend and brought home some bananas, mandarines, celery, grapes, etc. So guess what we’ve been eating (in addition to the cookies I just made)? It’s such an easy solution to watching what you eat!




Also, if you’re interested, consider getting something like this to wash your fruits and veggies. It’s a neat alternative, and it makes me feel better to use this in addition to my yucky city water, which I try to avoid using as much as possible.


Eat clean, eat smart, eat healthy! 🙂